The advantage of Galvalume steel sheet

Release time:2021-10-20

1. Corrosion resistance:

The corrosion resistance of "55% aluminum-zinc steel coil" comes from the barrier layer protection function of aluminum and the sacrificial protection function of zinc.

When zinc is used for sacrificial protection on the cut edges, scratches, and scratches of the coating, aluminum forms an insoluble oxide layer and exerts a barrier protection function. The aluminum-zinc alloy steel coil has been exposed to outdoor exposure tests for more than 20 years in various atmospheric environments, and it is confirmed that the cutting edge protection function of the 55% aluminum-zinc steel plate is better than that of the 5% aluminum-zinc steel plate.

2. Heat resistance:

The heat resistance of 55% aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate is better than that of galvanized steel plate, which is similar to the high-temperature oxidation resistance of aluminum-plated steel plate. The aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate can be used in a high temperature environment up to 315 degrees.

3. Reflectivity:

The 55% aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate has a high reflectivity, making it a heat-resistant barrier: the thermal reflectivity of the aluminum-zinc steel plate is almost twice that of the galvanized steel plate. Therefore, it can act as a roof and inlay without painting. The GL steel sheet can also achieve energy saving effect.

4. Paintability:

Due to the excellent adhesion between the zinc layer of the galvalume steel sheet and the paint, it can be painted without pretreatment and weathering when used as a sign board for general purposes; while the galvanized steel sheet needs weathering and pretreatment .

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