What is the Galvanized steel ?

Release time:2019-09-02

1.1Principle of galvanizing anticorrosion

1.1.1Barrier Protection

Cover the steel with zinc billet, so that the steel does not contact with air and water directly, prevent rust.

1.1.2Principle of substitution corrosion

Also known as cathodic protection/sacrificial anode, zinc has the function of replacing iron corrosion due to its higher activity (i.e. higher oxidation potential or easier electron release).

1.2Galvanized structure

1.3Galvanized types and characteristics

1.3.1Ordinary spangles(N):

Visible floral structure of zinc obtained by solidification of galvanized layer under natural conditions

1.3.2Zero spangle(F):

Special control methods to obtain the invisible fine spangle structure

1.3.3Galvanized type features

Good adhesion, good weather resistance, strong corrosion resistance

1.4Galvanized type surface treatment


1.4.2Oiled O

1.4.3Chromate + OiledCo

1.4.4Chromate-free C5

1.4.5Chromate-free + Oiled Co5


1.4.7Anti-fingerprint + Chromate-freeAF5


1.5Application of galvanized products

1.5.1Building materials


1.5.3Deep drawing materials

1.5.4Home appliances: ordinary home appliances, deep drawing materials home appliances, deep drawing materials high strength home appliances, fingerprint resistant home appliances

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