How to choose products?

Release time:2019-09-06

In order to make the quotation more accurate, please tell us the information as below:

1. Thickness of the steel

2. Plate type

3. Weight of zinc-coating and the Zinc layer thickness

4. Mechanical property

5. Positive and negative type

6. Coating thickness

7. Color

8. Application area

9. Service environment

10.Acid-base property


12.Processing method

13.Degree of deformation

14.How long the service life you want

15.Executive standard

16.Material and specification

17.Dimensional tolerance

18.Product diameter or length and width

19.Quantity required

20.Packaging way

21.Other special requirements, etc

There may be many questions to be answered during our communication, all of which are for us to provide you with the best quality products, prices and services.

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